TBEX, Welcome to Lafayette!


Hi, I’m Tait – CEO of Wildcat Brothers Distilling.

Before I became a rum-runner, I was a managing partner at the Taproot Agency  – one of the top communication and public relations firms in the South.

I understand the power of CONTENT. I also understand the difficulty in narrowing down stories…especially in the cultural gumbo of Acadiana. So, here’s where I can help…first, here’s my personal email if you have any questions while you’re in town: tait@wildcatbrothers.com. 

Next, the Wildcat Brothers invite TBEX attendees and guests to visit our tasting room at Gator Cove for cocktails and meaningful conversations. Gator Cove – our little corner of the Atchafalaya swamp – is just minutes from the Cajun Dome and on the way to the Tabasco Factory at Avery Island.

Our address is 2601 SE Evangeline Thwy, Lafayette LA 70508 and our phone is 337-703-3410. Stop by or call if you need a conference escape. We open at 2:00pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. Keep reading to find out the fun we’re going to have in your honor!

Gator Cove is located at 2601 SE Evangeline Thwy, Lafayette, LA 70508 on the service road parallel to Hwy 90, right between Vida Paint and Ragin’ Trailers.

Here are some of the friends we’re inviting you to meet in our tasting room.

All of these events are free.

Use our Uber Code (below) to get up to $5 off your ride to and from Gator Cove.

Wednesday – October 12


The Wildcat Brothers

2:00pm – 4:00pm

Rum Tasting & Conversations with the Wildcat Brothers.

Come learn the fun history of two college fraternity brothers who have no business being in the distilling industry yet produce some of the best rum in the world (we have the awards to prove it). Learn about our French-style rums made from local sugarcane from the the two guys who put their names on the bottle – Master Distiller and Founder, David Meaux, Esq. (left), and President & CEO, Tait Martin, PhD (right). Of course there will be samples…and even more stories.


4:00pm – 6:00pm

Wildcat Brothers Wednesday Veiller (Vay-Yay)

Veiller [vay-yay] (verb or noun): To spend the evening talking with friends. This concept is so important to Cajuns that there’s a singular word for hanging out with your friends, “shooting the breeze,” playing a little music, telling hilarious stories, and getting the latest scoop.

The Wildcat Brothers will remain in the tasting room for conversations and we’ll personally introduce you to some of our friends including:
(Click on the names for more information about our friends)

Adeline Miller – leader of the Cajun band, “Amis de Teche” – Talk about playing the Cajun fiddle, learning local dance steps, and knowing the best places to listen to music in Acadiana. She is a lifelong resident and can give you the scoop on the local music scene.   

Colby Hebert – Talk about being a Cajun Treateur – a spiritual healer who uses local plants and traditional Cajun prayers to facilitate the healing of a variety of conditions ranging from wart removal to a broken heart. A hat maker by trade, he’s also a local pirate historian. Literally, one of the most interesting guys you’re going to meet.

Marie Ducote – Talk to the owner and lead guide of the world-famous “Cajun Food Tours.” Ask her about what makes Cajun food Cajun, the differences between Lafayette cuisine and New Orleans cuisine, and running a successful food tour that equally attracts locals and visitors.

Doug LeBlanc – Talk with the owner of Father’s Coffee from Crowley, LA. This coffee guru searches the globe for beans and meticulously roasts them in his small roasting shed in the middle of Cajun Country. A staple at farmers markets throughout Acadiana, he’s been know to pair (and roast) his brews with Wildcat Brothers rum.

We’re minutes away from Rock’N’Bowl, so you’ll be able to make it to the welcome party.

Use our Uber Code (below) to get up to $5 off your ride.

Thursday – October 13


Click the picture to learn more about Major Handy


Conversations with Zydeco and Blues Legends that will likely turn into a jam session you’ll never forget…yep, they’re bringing their instuments.

Sure, you can go to a Zydeco or Blues concert here in Lafayette, but you’ll likely not have time to really talk to the music makers themselves. Come have a cocktail and talk to:

Major Handy – Major is a time capsule of Acadiana music because he’s played with the greats. His career began when Otis Redding tried to get a teenage Major to become his guitarist (but Major’s mother was not having any of that nonsense) and continues today as a prolific performer on blues and zydeco stages. A guitarist for some of the most iconic bands in zydeco – including Buckwheat Zydeco and Rockin’ Doopsie – his 40 years in the business makes him an encyclopedia of zydeco history.

Click the picture to learn more about Chubby Carrier

Chubby Carrier – The driving force behind “Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band,” Chubby is a force on stage and an incredible ambassador for Louisiana. This Grammy-winning artist (yep, he’ll bring his 2011 Grammy), has brought zydeco music and Louisiana flavor to fans around the world. Chubby has shared the stage with artists ranging from Carlos Santa and Buddy Guy to Travis Tritt and “Weird” Al Yankovic. Literally raised by zydeco royalty – his father, Roy Carrier; his grandfather, Warren Carrier, and his cousins, Bebe and Calvin Carrier, are considered zydeco legends – Chubby was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame on October 16, 2011.



Wildcat Brothers Thursday Veiller (Vay-Yay)

The Wildcat Brothers team will be in the tasting room for conversations and we’ll personally introduce you to some of our friends including:
(Click on the names for more information)

Colton Campitelli, CEO of Abby’s Acre – Abby’s Acre is a Veteran-run urban farming 501(c)3 nonprofit that is using Gator Cove to grow local produce for some of the best restaurants in Louisiana. In addition to helping vets learn new skills in the agriculture sector, his crew is working with the Wildcat Brothers Distilling team to use rum byproducts as low-impact fertilizer and animal vitamin supplements.

Andrew Ward, Coastal Plains Meat Company & Acadiana Veteran Alliance Founder – Coastal Plains Meat Company’s vision is “Utilizing sustainable practices in beef cattle management to ensure the highest compliance with quality and safety, serving our communities with locally sourced beef, and giving back to Louisiana through impactful workforce development in agriculture.” This veteran-led company is redefining cattle farming in Louisiana by working with ranchers directly to bring “Certified Louisiana Beef” to supermarkets throughout the state. In addition, Andrew spearheads the partnership with AVA and Wildcat Brothers to help fund AVA’s HEAL program which uses the latest medical advancements to treat veteran post-traumatic stress and the prevention of veteran suicide.


Happy Hour with Zydeco Roux

Zydeco Roux brings together a group of friends who joined together for the sole purpose of keeping traditional zydeco music alive and thriving. Come experience zydeco music the way it’s meant to be heard…in the swamp with a cold drink in your hand. Grab a partner and hit the dance floor. Don’t worry, we can teach you how to dance too. 


We’re minutes away from Warehouse 535, so you can easily make it to the conference party.
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