Zydeco Bold 100 Proof Rum

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Zydeco Bold Rum is a partnership between the Wildcat Brothers and Nathan William, Jr. of Lil’Nathan and the Zydeco BigTimers. It’s a rum as strong and fun as the music it represents.

Zydeco Bold is a 100 proof light rum specifically made for frozen daiquiris and powerfully-flavored mixed drinks. The extra proof lets the rum shine without getting lost by sweet mixers.

After drinking Zydeco Bold, you may get the urge to play the accordion, rub a scrub board, or sing and dance in public. Mix Zydeco Bold into your next good time!

While Zydeco Bold will be in stores soon, you can order here and pick up at Gator Cove. If you are a restaurant, bar, or event center, please contact our wholesale department at sales@wildcatbrothers.com.

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