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Snake Oil #9 Cinn-Sation is a deep amber rum made by taking our flagship Sweet Crude and aging it over natural cinnamon. This lower-proof spirit (coming in at 34% ABV/68 Proof) is a deep dive into fall with a rich nose and a light spiced flavor. Subtle hints of vanilla and allspice round out Snake Oil #9 Cinn-Sation’s flavor profile.

Kamber, our corporate mixologist, says Snake Oil #9 reminds her of fall bike rides and falling leaves. Andy, our distillery foreman, says it’s that cinnamon whiskey’s hotter, more mature cousin. Darick, our chief sales guy from Kentucky, wanted us to name it “Hot Cousin.”

Snake Oil is our experimental line and we’re only making 100 bottles available to the public.

Onsite pickup only. Remember, if you can’t make it to Gator Cove, you can simply have it placed in your Wildcat Brothers Distillery Locker.

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