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The Wildcat Brothers have been so overwhelmed by the support of our Acadiana neighbors and national fans that we decided to release a special rum to kickoff the celebration of our 10-year distilling anniversary.

MVO – which stands for “My Very Own” – takes our award-winning Sweet Crude and allows it to rest in a virgin charred American white oak barrel for 90-days. This means that our Sweet Crude is the first spirit to touch the newly toasted walls of brand new barrels from our cooperage in Minnesota.

Once it’s ready, our distilling team bottles it at 90 proof to give it an incredible balance of flavor, color, and sippability. This is the rum that the four guys pictured above crave and in honor of our milestone year, we’re making a few available to our customers. We’re so proud of it, that all of us signed the bottle…and just so happens, all of our last names start with “M” so it truly is our very own to you.

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