Sweet Crude Rouler Gift Basket – Onsite Pickup or Locker Only



This curated Sweet Crude Rouler gift basket from the Wildcat Brothers is the perfect gift for the craft rum fan in your life. Great for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or any other time you want pause in life and sip incredible Acadiana rum.

Instead of a basket, we used a heavy duty galvanized steel bucket by Behrens and filled it with everything you need to make the official cocktail of Lafayette, LA – Sweet Crude Rouler. The basket contains our award-winning white rum, Sweet Crude, Sweet and Sour, Simple Syrup, Angostura Bitters, Club Soda, and Wildcat Brothers Recipe Card.

These gift baskets typically take 24 hours to put together, so order early.

Use our Wildcat Brothers Locker and pick up when it’s convenient for you.

Schedule your pickup here: [email protected]

To get your rum, simply park at Gator Cove near the tin covered pavilion and press the Wildcat Brothers Distilling intercom doorbell near the gate. Tell us the order name and order number.  A member of the Wildcat Brothers team will bring out your order, check your ID, and put your rum in your car.

We’re trying to do everything we can to allow you to easily enjoy our incredible spirits!