Noire Fine French Style Rum – Onsite Pickup or WB Locker Storage Only


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Noire Fine French Style Rum!


The process of barrel-aging is not a new one. History teaches us that our ancestors used barrels for aging and transporting as early as Louisiana’s founding. These days, it’s generally assumed that if you come across a barrel-aged spirit, it’s a white oak barrel.

As a third-generation Louisiana timber farmer, our distiller found himself obsessed with the potential for unique flavor profiles that could be obtained from other varieties of hardwoods. Using trees planted b

y his own father and grandfather, he began experimenting with Noire’s aging process. The unique combination of charred ancestral hardwoods and Louisiana fruit trees has resulted in an entirely uncommon and delicious flavor profile. Bourbon enthusiasts will appreciate the full-bodied flavor that our maturation journey produces.

Take a sip; it’s just like coming home after a jaunt in the orchard woods.


Curbside Pickup Only or Wildcat Brothers Locker Storage only!

Please note that due to Covid-19, our distillery is closed for tours and tastings, so we’re only available to meet with you curbside.

To get your rum, simply park at Parish Surfaces (the parking lot at the corner of E. Verot School Rd and Bolton St.) and press the Wildcat Brothers Distilling ring doorbell on the gate and tell us the order name and order number.  A member of the Wildcat Brothers team will bring out your order, check your ID, and put your rum in your car.

If you’d like to keep it in our locker until you can make it here, let us know. It will be here waiting for you.

We’re trying to to everything we can to allow you to easily enjoy our incredible spirits!