Our Founding Principles


You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve come from. Our brotherhood is proud of our French Acadian heritage dating back to the 1700s. Since then, each generation has strengthened roots in Acadiana, building our own or supporting our friends’ sugarcane fields and fruit orchards – the very places we now get ingredients and inspiration from for each of our rums. By embracing our roots, we are creating the future of Louisiana’s craft distilling history.


Our mission is to make distilled spirits like no other, but help our fans do so responsibly. Not only does this save lives, it makes those who drink our spirits appreciate the character of and care for our products. The Wildcat Brothers continue to be vocal opponents of binge drinking, underage alcohol use, or general “dip-shittery” when using our products.


Our thirst for trying new approaches only enhances the work we do at Wildcat Brothers. From building and designing our own equipment to inventing new approaches to distilling, our operations sometimes looks like a laboratory rather than a distillery – and we’re OK with that. As Tait says often, “Smart and funny make the money!”


Just like a true Acadian, we hope our spirits help you celebrate both the big and small moments of life. Whether it’s a cocktail during the local Mardi Gras parade or a sip of aged rum on your front porch at the end of a long day, life deserves to be celebrated. Cheers to great friends, good memories and a calming sip of Southern Louisiana.