40% ALC/VOL • 80 Proof

The process of barrel-aging is not a new one. History teaches us that our ancestors used barrels for aging and transporting as early as Louisiana’s founding. These days, it’s generally assumed that if you come across a barrel-aged spirit, it’s a white oak barrel.

As a third-generation Louisiana timber farmer, our distiller found himself obsessed with the potential for unique flavor profiles that could be obtained from other varieties of hardwoods. Using trees planted by his own father and grandfather, he began experimenting with Noire’s aging process. The unique combination of charred ancestral hardwoods and Louisiana fruit trees has resulted in an entirely uncommon and delicious flavor profile. Bourbon enthusiasts will appreciate the full-bodied flavor that our maturation journey produces.

Take a sip; it’s just like coming home after a jaunt in the orchard woods.

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Tasting Notes


Vanilla & White Oak

Warm, sweet and just the right amount of honeyed perfume aroma


Pipe Tobacco

A slightly smoky taste mingles with dollops of maple


Black Cherry

Dark stone fruit flavors brought out by aged, ancestral hardwood staves