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Rum, refashioned


We're here for the rum

The story of Wildcat Brothers Distilling may be the most unorthodox tale this side of the Bayou. Set in fertile South Louisiana (“Cajun Country” as we like to call it), our story features two unlikely heroes: a former lawyer and Ph.D. behavioral scientist. Together, they embarked on a journey to help their fellow Acadians celebrate the joie de vivre with the very best French style rum. The result was Acadiana’s first distillery. Merging old-world recipes and modern techniques, our flavors harken back to the way the original Acadians would have crafted rum – with their own hands and local ingredients.

Our Story

Our Heritage Line: The Rums that Fuel the Factory



Our 5-year-old blend, matured on a combination of white oak and ancestral fruit tree hardwood staves to bring out the perfect cane-cured fullness.



The rum of the official Lafayette, Louisiana cocktail, The Rouler! Our small-batch white rum is made with locally sourced sugarcane syrup to achieve a light, natural sweetness.



Our spiced rum is warm, smooth, and just a little mischievous. Boasting flavors of the old French South, this lively rum is full of character.


CONSERVING Cajun CULTURE, one bottle at a time

Wildcat Brothers Distilling is Cajun-country’s first distiller of crafted rum, perfecting the distilling traditions of spirit-making the way our ancestors did. Located in fertile Lafayette, Louisiana, we use only local sugarcane to produce smooth and unique French-style rums from the same sugarcane cultivated by our forefathers.

All of our rums are produced by hand in small batches with no importation of foreign molasses or sugarcane byproducts. We source from Louisiana farmers and American craftspeople. We work hard and celebrate harder, again, much like our ancestors did. 

While our fans keep returning for our innovative flavorings and wood-aging processes, our goal is to refashion the way adults appreciate rum, agriculture, and craft distilling.


Making French Style Rum

Anyone can make rum, but very few can harness the unique character of Louisiana sugarcane to make craft rum like a true Acadian. With modern distilling techniques, local ingredients and the power of our still, Lulu, our rum flavor is sweet, clean and just the right amount of creamy.



To appreciate the process, you have to start at the beginning. We’re proud of the fact that our raw ingredients are derived exclusively from local crops as sugarcane crystals, and processed by the almost 200-year-old sugar mill right down the road.

2. Ferment

Our locally-harvested materials are guided through a meticulous process to create pure sugarcane syrup. That syrup is then fermented to convert sugar crystals into pure alcohol, eliminating the cloying notes that may otherwise be more evident in a traditional molasses-sweetened rum.

3. Distill & Age

Finally, the rum is harvested from the mixture using a proprietary method, developed onsite by our founder. This unique technique draws out the best “hearts” from the spirit to fill each bottle (white rum) or barrel (aged rum) with only the best sugarcane-cured taste.